Are Avocados Good for Your Menu Plan?


If you want to reach a healthy weight and support overall wellness, reducing or eliminating the grain carbs you eat is a great option. However, if you’re going to cut down on those non-veggie carbs, it’s important to increase the amount of healthy fats you’re eating.

One of the best sources of healthy fats is avocados. They’re packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, the type of fat your body can easily burn for energy. Once you reduce carbs, you’ll need more energy.

Benefits of Eating Avocados

Studies show that eating avocados offers many benefits. Adding a serving of avocados to a meal may keep you feeling full longer, helping you avoid snacks to better regulate weight. Avocados may also help regulate blood sugar levels. The healthy fats in avocados may help lower levels of bad cholesterol, and these healthy fats may even help fight belly fat. Add avocados to a meal rich in other nutritious veggies and the fats can help boost your body’s ability to use those vitamins and minerals.

Ways to Add Avocados to Your Menu

It’s easy to start adding avocados to your menu, and they are a great fat replacement. Swap out bad fats in your diet with the healthy fats from avocados and you’ll reach your weight loss goals faster. You can use avocado as a spread to go on your sandwiches instead of butter or mayo. Use avocado oil instead of other types of oils when cooking. Toss avocado slices in salads and skip or at least reduce the high calorie dressings. And of course, guacamole, as long as you keep it healthy, is always a favorite dip for veggies.

Watch Portion Sizes

While avocados offer great nutrition and healthy, monounsaturated fats, you still need to watch your portion sizes. Even though they are good fats, a medium avocado has about 23 grams of fat and about 250 calories. Since that’s a huge portion of your fat intake for the day, you’ll need to keep portion sizes small and be careful when eating other fats.



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