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All MRC menus feature real foods that can be prepared at home or ordered out from restaurants. There are no pre-packaged meals or liquid diets. With so many choices on your program, the entire family can enjoy the same meal. Develop healthy, long-term habits with generous and nutritious portions - no calorie-counting.


Each week, you'll meet virtually with a professional MRC Weight Loss Coach who's equipped to help you reach your goals. Together you'll celebrate success, troubleshoot problem areas, create a game plan for the next week, and more. Our coaches are the key to success, and they'll be with you every step of the way.


Your menu and plan is as unique as you. Every program is designed to fit your goals, health, previous dieting history, current lifestyle, and more. We have programs that work safely with a variety of medical conditions & medications. Your personal information is kept confidential.


In addition to your dedicated MRC Coach, you'll be granted access to numerous resources to help you on your journey: instructional videos, recipes, blogs, tips, and more. You'll also be invited to join an exclusive community of MRC clients and coaches where you can share your story or follow and celebrate others.

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How It Works

Get started today on compounded GLP-1 injectable medications. When you choose medical programs with MRC, you choose an affordable approach to weight loss that's backed by science, and paired with the support of professional weight loss coaching.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your medical weight loss programs affordable?

Yes, our weight loss medications are affordable. Our compounded GLP-1 prescriptions start at $399-$499 for a one month supply, not thousands of dollars a month. This includes your prescription, medical supplies, menu(s), and personalized coaching.

I've lost weight before. Will I be able to keep if off at MRC?

We don't do diets. Fad diets give weight loss a bad rap due the lack of sustainability. Metabolic Research Center has engineered our programs to provide you with the tools and skills needed to manage your weight for a lifetime. Our programs are uniquely designed to support long-term success.

Do you have a weight loss program that targets stubborn belly fat?

Yes, we do. Since stubborn fat stores respond well to a diet that limits carbohydrates and depends on eating real foods, our weight loss consultant can personalize a low-carbohydrate menu plan to meet your needs. MRC offers supplementation and dietary aids that can also be useful in jump-starting your program to burn stored fat.

My last weight loss program stalled. Can you help?

Our hormone testing can reveal and help correct problems that may be disrupting your weight loss efforts or causing unwanted weight gain. Balancing your hormones can make losing weight a lot easier and often increases your endurance making it easier to maintain your target weight.

How long do I have to wait before starting another round of GLP-1 medications?

Most individuals who are in need of another round of medication can go right into their next round without a pause or waiting period. Your Weight Loss Specialist and/or healthcare provider will discuss options for continuing your compounded GLP-1 weight loss medication.

How long will it take to receive my prescription?

Prescriptions for medical weight loss will either be mailed directly to your house or picked up at your local center. In most cases prescriptions arrive within 1-2 weeks.

What will I eat with prescription weight loss program?

All GLP-1 medical weight loss programs are paired with an MRC Menu(s) designed to maximize nutrition with results. Your menu(s) will provide you with a variety of protein, vegetable, carbohydrate, and healthy fat food options. Balanced portions are also provided so that you are consuming the foods that will help you feel your best while losing weight with our medical weight loss programs.

How fast can I lose weight?

Every "body" is different. But, your success is our top priority and we are committed to helping you reach your goals. During your one-on-one sessions, your consultant will discuss how your genetics and lifestyle habits play a role in how well your metabolism works. With your body in hormonal balance, we have menus designed to burn fat very effectively.
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