Staying Hydrated May be the Magic Bullet

Pouring a Glass of Water

Hydration may be the key to jump starting your weight loss routine. Our bodies are primarily made out of water so it stands to reason that it holds at least a few health benefits for us. We all know how important it is to drink plenty of water on hot days, so the same should be true when you are trying to lose weight. 

Water Boosts Metabolism

Water boosts the metabolism in a very efficient and effective way. When you drink cool water, you lower the body's temperature. The more water you drink, the more calories you burn because the blood has to circulate faster to keep your body at its normal, healthy temperature. Drinking water with ice in it helps burn even more calories. 

Water Has Zero Calories

Water has no calories. When you gradually begin exchanging water for the sugary soft drinks you consume, it will be easy to notice the weight as it begins to fall away. A glass of ice water with lemon is much more refreshing on a hot, summer day than a fountain pop or flavored water, full or artificial sweeteners. Over time, you will begin to feel more refreshed because you will no longer be consuming large amounts of sugar that were bogging down your digestive system and adding unwanted calories.

Water Flushes Toxins

Another benefit of drinking plenty of water is that it flushes toxins from the system. As you exercise, your body creates by-products and wastes that can collect in your muscles and joints. Drinking sufficient amounts of water helps to flush away those toxins, allowing your body to function more efficiently. Your digestion improves and your body will begin to eliminate its unneeded fat stores.


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