Reduce Your Sodium Intake for Better Health

Did you know that Americans consume more than half the suggested amount of daily sodium? The American Heart Association suggests that the average person consume no more than approximately 1500 mg of sodium daily. The real number most are consuming? Americans tend to consume around 3400 mg each day.

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This alarming amount of sodium intake has been shown to contribute to blood pressure rise, kidney stones, headaches and even certain cancers. What's even more startling is that approximately 200,000 deaths per year are due to high blood pressure, many of them being women.

Foods such as meats that have been cured, chips, crackers, candy, bread, pizza and sandwiches all contain higher than the suggested amount of salt. What else do these foods have in common? Sugars and empty calories. Not a winning combination for weight loss management. Reducing intake of sodium can minimize gaining water weight as well.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that most of the sodium we consume is derived from packaged foods and restaurants.

How well are you reading labels?

  • When shopping, look for the American Heart Association's seal of approval to confirm you are choosing heart healthy foods
  • Soups are especially high in sodium, often more so when canned- read the label
  • Any pre-packaged or processed food often contains high levels of sodium

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