Healthy Backyard Cookouts

Backyard Cookout

Do backyard cookouts remind you of good food and fellowship? These often impromptu gatherings provide amazing opportunities to eat, drink, and spend quality time with those you love. However, if not planned properly, a seemingly innocent cookout can turn into a caloric disaster. But, you can successfully prepare an entire healthy meal complete with an entrée, side dishes, and dessert by only utilizing a grill. To accomplish this task, you simply need to think outside the box.

When shopping for meat for a backyard cookout, do you always gravitate towards the ground beef and hotdog selections at your favorite supermarket? If you usually grill these popular meats, consider changing things up a bit. For instance, you could opt for boneless, skinless chicken breast, ground turkey breast, or seafood. Your guests will likely be amazed at your ingenuity. And, you might be surprised how savoring something different can awaken your taste buds. If you can’t resist the taste of a beef burger, choose healthier cuts of ground beef such as ground round or sirloin. You can also slash calories by selecting breadless buns for your burgers. Instead of wrapping your meat in bread, opt for lettuce or portabella mushrooms.

In addition to meats, vegetables and fruits are tantalizingly delicious when placed on the grill. Instead of serving potato chips at your next party, grill up some zucchini, eggplant, corn, or romaine lettuce. Besides adding nourishing nutrients to your plate, grilled vegetables provide a pop of beautiful color as well. Grilled fruits are a yummy, healthy dessert alternative to calorie laden cakes and pies. Peaches, pineapples, and mangos taste amazing when placed on the grill. To save calories and fat, top your fruit with plain Greek yogurt instead of ice cream. By incorporating healthy grilling alternatives into your cookout menus, your backyard might quickly become the most popular one in your neighborhood.


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