Grapefruit Can Interfere With Your Medications

Medicine Bottle with Grapefruit Warning

Grapefruit has been considered a godsend when it comes to weight loss since the early 80's. Even though the Grapefruit Diet turned out to be a bust, the fact remains that drinking grapefruit juice can help kick start a person's weight loss program if used correctly. Where the Grapefruit Diet failed was when it declared that grapefruits were all that was needed. While it did help people lose weight, the drastically reduced amount of calories caused severe reactions in many individuals. Now it is known that grapefruit, when used in conjunction with other healthy foods, actually does encourage weight loss, the right way.

During all of the studies and research about the fruit and the diet that bore its name, it was found that grapefruits can have an interactive effect on many important medications. In the beginning, it was determined that the effects of 17 medications could be interrupted or halted by the consumption of grapefruits and their juice. Now the numbers have risen to over 73 medications. Because the number is growing, it is important to always read the labels of all of your medications to determine if there are any side effects or interactions you need to worry about.

While other citrus fruits do not seem to cause the same problem, researchers believe that it has something to do with certain furanocoumarin compounds and possibly the flavonoids the fruits contain. It is believed that these components block certain enzymes in the digestive tract that breakdown drugs and other toxins. Without the benefits of the enzymes, the drugs cannot be utilized by the body. Because the drug is not sufficiently broken down, more of it can enter the blood stream causing intense and severe side effects.


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