Change Your Routine to Save Money

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We hear it all the time.. being healthy is expensive. However, if you are familiar with our philosophy on health, you know that the financial costs of obesity are much higher and far more risky. Still, there's nothing wrong with spending a bit less while you whittle away at your waistline, right? Here's how.


Planting your own garden presents you with two advantages: saves on your grocery bill and burns fat doing this wonderful outdoor activity. Take advantage of spring and summer and decide on a few plants that grow well in your region. There are herbs (i.e. parsley, cilantro, mint, etc.), veggies (lettuce and cucumbers), fruit (tomato and melon) and different beans that can thrive in all sorts of environments and types of soil.

Walk or Bike Everywhere

If you live in an metropolitan or urban area where most places are within walking or biking distance, then give your car a break. Bike or walk to work each day as well as to places you visit regularly like the post office or supermarket. If you don't live in an area like this, bring this free physical activity into your day in other ways by parking further away from the store or taking the stairs at work. Looking for a family activity for the weekend? Try bike riding as a group; you'll burn calories and save on gas.

Save Half Your Meal for Later

An easy method to cut down on your portion sizes and your grocery bill is to put away half your dinner for tomorrow's lunch. This can even work at restaurants. Just tell the waitress to box half the meal before it even gets to your table. This method adds up to less temptation to eat large portions, and money saved on lunch each day.

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