Are Grapes Just As Healthy as Red Wine?

Glasses of Red Wine and Bunch of Grapes

It is a well known fact that small glass of red wine is very good for your heart and overall health. Drinking red wine in moderation is known to reduce the risk of blood clots, lower bad cholesterol levels in the body, prevent blood vessel damage and help you maintain a healthy blood pressure rate. Red wine is also rich in anti-oxidants that help keep you looking and feeling young and healthy.

Given the fact that red wine is made from grapes, many have wondered whether it is possible to obtain the same benefits by drinking grape juice instead of red wine. Researchers have found that the alcohol present in red wine has anti-inflammatory properties that are not found in grape juice; however, all the other nutrients found in red wine are also available in grape juice as long as the juice is made using red and purple grapes.

If you would prefer not to consume alcohol but want to keep your heart healthy and functioning well, then drinking red or purple grape juice on a regular basis can be a good idea. However, eating whole grapes can be even better. Red and purple grapes are not only rich in heart-healthy nutrients but also dietary fiber.

If you want to keep your heart healthy and functioning properly, eating heart-healthy foods is the way to go. Red wine is good for your heart and has many other healthy properties as well, but those who do not want to drink alcohol can derive many of the same benefits by eating grapes and/or drinking red or purple grape juice. Alternatively, one may want to try non-alcoholic red wine, grape extracts and/or grape powder, all of which offer similar health benefits.


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