5 Reasons to Drink Your H20!

Water, Water, Water! It is one of the most important pieces to weight loss. Drinking an adequate amount of water daily can make a difference between losing 1-2 pounds per week vs. losing 3-4 pounds per week. That’s how important it is! So fill up a glass and keep reading!

Here are 5 great reasons to drink your H20:

  1. Water fills you up! Oftentimes, our brain confuses hunger with thirst telling us that we need a snack when all our body really needs is a big glass of the clear stuff! Also, drinking water before or during a meal may make you feel fuller faster, thus making you feel more satisfied and avoid overeating. So, next time you think you feel hungry in between meals (or your Protein Drink!) sling back a big glass of water and see if that feeling doesn’t melt away just like those excess pounds!
  2. Water helps to increase energy! If you do not get an adequate amount of water you can become dehydrated. When your body is dehydrated, not only will your weight loss slow down but you will also feel a dip in your energy level. This can make it even harder to feel motivated to make healthy choices like choosing the right foods or exercising. Sometimes, people will mistakenly assume that their diet is causing them to feel yucky, in turn making them want to give up when in fact they just need more water! Most people need approx. 64-100 ounces of water per day to stay hydrated; keep in mind, this need increases with body weight, physical activity, weight loss and consumption of sodium among other things. So next time you’re dragging, drink up!
  3. Water can help aid metabolism! Dehydration slows bodily functions, including metabolism. When you haven’t gotten an adequate amount of water for your organs, etc. to function properly then your metabolism will slow in order to conserve energy for those vital functions. In order for your body to work like a well-oiled (or in this case, watered!) machine, you need enough H20.
  4. Water reduces water weight! Wait, what? You mean drinking more water helps reduce water in the body? Yep! When you are dehydrated and your body perceives the “threat,” of not having a sufficient amount of water, it will save it thus creating the dreaded water weight. When trying to lose weight, we all know that this is our worst enemy! Feeling bloated, looking bloated and seeing bloated (on the scale) is no fun. If you want a happy scale…start chug a luggin’!
  5. Water flushes fat! Losing weight creates toxins—think of exhaust coming out of your car. Water helps to flush those toxins (and fat cells!) out of your body. Next time you’re griping about getting up countless times in the middle of the night to use the restroom, just remember…we’re flushing fat!
    What are you waiting for? Drink up!


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