Breaking the Mold — Celebrate National Nutrition Month with Bold Flavors

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Why can't every month be National Nutrition Month? For those of us looking for a healthier lifestyle, trying to lose weight permanently, or just looking to enjoy better foods, every month is National Nutrition Month. In this eating to live blog, we talk about nutrition that is good all year long.

March is traditionally National Nutrition Month, but why not celebrate it every day. After all, we make food choices every day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are opportunities to gain health by feeding our body better foods. The big myth about eating healthy is that healthy food does not taste good. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Such rumors come from those diets where you live on nothing but celery. Live a little. Add the term "quality of life" to your meal planning and learn how good healthy food can actually taste.

Every Day is National Nutrition Day

What happens when you balance your diet with nutritious foods? You gain energy and lose weight. Aren't those two things that drive the diet industry? Well, over at the Metabolic Research Center, they care about healthy eating and not so much about dieting. Why do people diet? Most people diet because they want to lose "x" number of pounds.

Eating healthy is about choosing better foods that provide good nutrition for your body. The side effect is usually weight loss. There is no dieting. You just discover the joy of food without over doing it. Some of the secrets that you will find at the Metabolic Research Center include learning about portion size, menus for healthy meal planning, and a bunch of support from industry professionals that help you maintain your healthy momentum.

Are you ready to lose weight and gain energy? Well join the Metabolic Research Center in celebrating National Nutrition Month, every day.


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