Skipping Meals — Why It Does Not Work

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Skipping meals is not a weight loss method that produces results. Sure, you might lose a pound or two over the course of a week, but by the next week, that weight is back and it brought friends. There is a genetic basis that begins when we starve ourselves. In this eating-for-weight-loss blog, we look at why skipping meals adds to weight gain.

Hardwired to Survive

Way back in the day, when we were hunter-gatherers food was not readily available as it is today. Our ancestors ate when food was available and sometimes they did not eat for days on end. Our body remembers those times because they are part of our DNA — our program to survive and adapt. When we skip meals, our blood sugar levels drop and they stay low. That little action sends our brain into survival mode. When we do eat again, it is often way more than we would normally eat and that extra caloric load goes right back to stored fat.

Why does it end up as stored fat? Primarily it does so because we have told our brain that food is not readily available and that we need to pack on a reserve. Skipping meals tells our body that we don't know from where our next meal may come. This is part of the fight or flight mechanism.

The Physical Side of Skipping Meals

When you miss a meal your body begins to physically limit what you do. Energy levels begin to drop. You develop strong hunger pangs. Everywhere you turn you smell or see food. That just primes your body to pig out the next time you have food. The starvation method does not produce optimum health. It does not produce long-term weight loss. It simply creates the opportunity to binge eat.

If you want to lose weight, even stubborn fat then visit the folks at the Metabolic Research Center. There is this thing called healthy eating, that allows you to eat good food and still lose weight. By controlling portions, and making smarter food choices, you can enjoy all three meals a day and still drop weight. The process does not specifically focus on weight loss as much as it focuses on gaining health. The weight loss is just a byproduct of gaining health. It is an amazing transformation that is easier and tastier than starvation.


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