Cooking at Home Puts You In Control

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Cooking for oneself or one's family is the core of truly acquiring lifestyle changes that will result in long term weight loss and improved overall health.  In today's busy world, the convenience of a quick or shelf-stable meal has overtaken the need for flavor, nutrition, or food quality by a large margin.  Pockets of artisans remain, offering seasonal, local, and freshly prepared foods that abound with nutrition and flavor and textural complexity.  In far greater quantity, and often at lower cost, billions of processed, flavorless, and texturally bankrupt meals are served all over the US, prepackaged in home freezers, and through drive thru lanes and chain restaurants.

Cooking at home can be a daunting task, particularly when one is just starting.  Happily, there have never been more resources for beginning cooks in just about every form of media imaginable.  In fact, with the assistance of these various resources, portion controlled, light, fresh, and lusciously flavored meals simply require the courage to try them out, and the tenacity to do the necessary grocery shopping.  In fact, in the long run, meals made at home take less time than going out to eat, even when one counts the drive through.  A good steak, for instance, cooks in less than 15 minutes, and fresh vegetables steam in a microwave in a fraction of that time.  Most people haven't had their drink order taken in that space of time, much less had a hot meal served.  Most people could be eating filet mignon for what they paid for a value meal at lunch time, had they cooked it at home. 

Home cooking just takes some courage and some practice.  Choosing fresh ingredients and not processed or convenience foods is easier and more effective than counting calories.  Making sure the proportions of foods, and the portions of foods is healthy is part of the weight loss and long term health skill set.  If one must buy food with labels, read them.  And most of all, pay attention to what the body says before, during, and after meals, so that eating isn't automatic and thoughtless, but thoughtful and effective.


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