Cloves Are a Winter Boost to Healthy Living


Cloves are a spice that we typically see only during the holidays which is sad because they have a lot of impact on health and weight loss. Best of all cloves smell great and they add wonderful flavors to foods and beverages.

Expand Your Holiday Goodness

Cloves and clove essential oil are used by many people to help improve circulation, boost energy, and even used as a natural anti-inflammatory. They are also reported to help you overcome the common cold. We know that cloves can help reduce the pain of a toothache and it is reported to be effective against candida. Consider adding cloves into your diet.


Cloves Fight Triglycerides

An article that appeared in Diabetes Health points out that cloves and other spices can help remove triglycerides from our blood stream. Triglycerides are fats that are in our blood stream waiting to be used by our cells or converted into stored fat. You might see the link between cloves and weight loss if cloves help to reduce triglycerides in our blood. Because fat is burned as energy, when you reduce the amount available in the blood stream our body must use stored fat as energy. That not only means that you remove stubborn fat supplies, but that you also lose weight.

The takeaway here is that what you eat really does matter, even if it is just adding cloves to your meals or as an aromatherapy oil. To learn more about how you can make your body lose the weight for you, visit the Metabolic Research Center and discover a supportive community of people just like you. Here we help people to make lifestyle changes that lead to improved health. Here we teach you about making positive food choices that help you to lose weight without losing flavor. Are you ready for a change?


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