How Insulin Levels Can Hinder Weight Loss

Insulin Book Laying on Hormones Chart

Insulin is a hormone that is best known for its role in the disease diabetes. However, it also plays a role in weight gain. Insulin is a hormone that helps our body to store fat especially in the belly and abdominal area. This "the skinny on fat" blog discusses the role that insulin plays in weight loss, weight gain, and our overall health.

Fat Storage Hormone

Insulin is a hormone that is produced in our pancreas. It plays many roles in the body and especially in the blood stream. We are a chemical factory. We eat food, our digestive track breaks food down into simpler forms such as amino acids, fatty acids, and glucose. Those simpler chemicals are absorbed into our bloodstream and are then distributed to the cells. Insulin is the chemical that primes cells for delivery of these digestive chemicals. Amino acids go to muscles cells. Fatty acids go to fat cells and glucose is used as energy and the production of fats. When there is not enough cellular need for fats or glucose, then insulin tells the body to store the excess as fats.

The Age Old Problem with Balance

Our bodies are designed to store emergency energy. This little fact dates back to prehistoric times when the supply of food was not guaranteed and our bodies needed to make use of everything we ate. It was not until modern times that obesity became a social issue. Today, there is food everywhere and we eat whenever we want. When we eat too much fat or sugary foods, insulin tells our body to stop burning stored fat and to use the excess fat in the bloodstream for energy. It also tells our body to store the excess fat and sugar so that we have it for later. This is the very basis of flight or fight and a survival mechanism that dates back to a time when we needed instant energy in order to survive. With the right balance, insulin also helps us to lose weight, but that role is much smaller than the role it plays in fat storage. The real problem is not specifically insulin, but our diets. When we eat high fat and high sugar diets we pack on weight. That is insulin doing its job. The real problem is that our diets are not balanced and therefore hormones make us heavier.

At the Metabolic Research Center, we focus on healthy weight loss including tackling problems that involve hormone imbalance. We see weight loss as a gradual event that happens naturally and is part of a healthy lifestyle. If you'd like more information about how to lose weight naturally and how to transition to a healthier lifestyle, just stop by and visit us online or in person. We have programs that offer support, free recipes, and evaluation so that you understand the obstacles that you face. Join us today for the next step in healthy living.


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