Does Our Fast Food Nation Need A Slow Food Movement?

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Fast food has become the norm instead of the exception. It is extremely convenient and offers almost any type of food imaginable. The battle between good health and convenient carry out is quickly turning into an all out war. People are beginning to realize that fast food is part of the nation's overall health problem and are raising the stakes forcing many fast food franchises to offer healthier alternatives.

Fast food is heavily laden with additives and preservatives. It is prepared quickly, often using the most unhealthy of all methods of cooking. Fried foods make up the majority of the menu of many fast food restaurants and play a large role in heart disease, diabetes and morbid obesity. The additives and preservatives used to add flavor and prolong shelf life have destroyed much of the foods' nutritional value.

Individuals who are trying to regain their health are opting to avoid many of the "faster" food options. Instead, they are requesting salads, grilled meats and fresher vegetables in the meals they purchase. Many people are avoiding fast foods altogether, choosing to make their own "slow" foods at home. Foods made from scratch offer many advantages over fast foods. Not only are the ingredients handpicked, the foods are also cooked in healthier ways.

Slow foods go through less processing and also retain much of their original nutritional value. By cooking larger quantities at one time, the recipe can be divided up and frozen into different size meals that can be served at any time. If time is tight and there is no way cooking a full meal is possible, with frozen, ready to eat meals there is no need for fast food convenience. Heat and eat at home and get the nutritional value fast foods lack.


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