Best Plate Colors for Weight-Loss

Different Colors of Plates


Perhaps, you have heard of the research conducted in regards to plate size and how that affects food consumption? Scientists suggest that the Delboeuf Illusion is at work when we eat from different sized plates. The experiment revealed that participants would misjudge the size of circles when there was more white space around them. This same illusion is at play when you eat. Individuals who select larger-sized plates or bowls tend to pile their plates with 16% more food than those who choose smaller vessels. So, plate size definitely matters.

What about plate colors?

An experiment conducted during a dinner party at Cornell University helped get to the bottom of that question. Pasta was on the menu, and it was served with two different sauces: Marinara or Alfredo. Two different colored plates were available for serving: red or white. As the party guests served themselves, their plates were secretly weighed.

What effect did plate color have on their food intake? It seems that those guests who enjoyed their meals on plates that complemented their pasta sauce - red sauce on a red plate or white sauce on a white plate - ate significantly more food. That's right.. those guests actually ate 22% more pasta than guests whose food was served on a contrasting plate (i.e. red sauce on a white plate or white sauce on a red plate). This study occurred without any party guests having a clue.

What does that mean for you?

If you are on a weight loss journey, it would be helpful to go out and buy a variety of low-cost plates in a range of colors. That way, depending on the type of meal you serve, you can be sure that your plate actually contrasts with the food served, which could help you to eat less than you would if you ate from a similar-colored plate.

To learn more about eating right and having fun while you lose weight, contact the Metabolic Research Center. At MRC, our menu plans are based on years of extensive research and our consultants are always here for you every step of your weight loss journey. Come celebrate with us.


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