Why You Can't Exercise Your Way Out of a Bad Diet

Exercise Weight Loss

Exercise is a healthy component of any plan to lose weight, but it does not change bad eating habits that allowed the weight gain to occur in first place. That is the primary reason exercise-only routines produce results at a snail's pace. A bad diet is only reversed by eating real food. You should exercise, but it will never replace the benefits that healing foods bring to the human body.

Your Body... the Temple

The human body is a machine. It may not seem as such, but it is just that. It uses mechanical and chemical energy to break down food into usable building blocks. We chew our food to speed up digestion. Digestion is a chemical means of breaking down food particles into usable compounds such as amino acids, carbohydrates, and fats.

The human body requires a specific set of chemicals to function at basic levels. It requires an even more specific set of nutrients to function at optimal levels. The best way to obtain those nutrients is by consuming real foods. A bad diet overloads the human body and causes the body to store nutrients for later use. Those nutrients include fat, salts, and other chemicals that can manifest themselves as diet-related diseases. High cholesterol, acid reflux, diabetes, heart disease, and other well known human ailments can result from bad dietary choices.

Why Exercise Fails

Exercise does not produce nutrients for your body to use. It may help burn excess stored nutrients such as fat, but it does not provide your body with the nutrition needed to operate at optimal levels. That is why exercise alone cannot reverse bad nutrition. The best way to promote a healthy transformation is a scientific menu plan where you consume real foods combined with the natural supplements your body needs.

Understand that exercise is a beneficial component your health and wellness. But, for those individuals who need to lose twenty pounds or more, it cannot overcome bad lifestyle choices or the ill effects of a bad diet. Exercise only works long-term when people switch to eating real foods that provides the body with a complement of proteins, plenty of water, and vital nutrients such as good carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats.


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