Mind Your Meals for Weight Loss Success

Mind Your Meals

Think you can simply think your way thin? You can - Sort of. Successful weight loss, of course, requires making the right nutritional choices, exercising regularly and getting plenty of rest. But the mindfulness in which you approach your meals also can make a big difference in meeting and maintaining your weight loss goals.

According to a recent study by British psychologist Eric Robinson, being mindful of your meals is key to helping you avoid overeating throughout the day. Researchers observed two groups of obese female participants who were served sandwiches. One group ate their sandwiches while listening to an audio clip instructing them to fully focus on the experience of the meal, paying close attention to the way their sandwiches looked, smelled and tasted. The other group ate their sandwiches with the sound of a bird's calls playing in the background.

Later, both groups of women were asked to describe their meals in as much detail as they could recall. Unsurprisingly, the it was the first group, instructed to focus on the meal experience, who were best able to recall details. This matters because it also was those group-one women who reported feeling more satisfied and who snacked less throughout the remainder of the day.

Robinson's study and several similar experiments suggest that simply being more mindful of your meals can help better assure you'llmeet and maintain your goals. If you need a little help in that regard, you'll find it at your nearest Metabolic Research Center location, where a weight loss counselor can develop a customized nutrition and exercise plan. Call 800-501-8090 today.


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