How Much Should I Eat?

Jigsaw Puzzle with Portion Control

Eating overly small portions of food will not provide your body with the nutrition it needs to function properly. Without enough calories, your metabolism will slow down, and your body will hold onto fat instead of releasing it. It is important to realize that portion sizes have grown exponentially over the last several decades, which means that you may need to adjust your servings if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

A normal serving size of fruit is about the same size as your fist. A healthy serving of meat is about the size of your palm, while a 1-ounce serving of cheese should reach from the base of your thumb to the tip. If you need a snack, grab a (literal) handful of nuts, dried fruits or seeds.

At the same time, what you eat is just as important as how much you eat. Your body needs carbohydrates, so don't avoid starchy foods even when dieting, but do make sure the carbohydrates are coming from fiber-rich, nutritious sources such as dried grains, whole grain bread, brown rice and potatoes. Eat plenty of low-fat proteins, fruits and vegetables while avoiding junk foods and processed foods.

If you want to lose weight but need help creating a healthy diet plan, consider getting in touch with the Metabolic Research Center. We offer a free consultation during which you can discuss previous weight loss attempts, your needs, tastes and other factors that have a bearing on weight gain and weight loss. We also personalize our effective diet plan to ensure that it will meet your needs, schedule constraints and budget. While we can't promise you immediate weight loss, we can assure you that eating right will enable you to look and feel good both now and in the future.


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