Can Eating Octopus Lower Cholesterol?

Octopus Dish

Fish, octopus and other seafood options are rich in protein and other nutrients yet also low in fat. As such, they are ideal for anyone who wants to get fit and stay in shape. At the same time, octopus can also help you keep your cholesterol low.

Octopus contains taurine and eicosapentaenoic acid (or EPA as it is more commonly known). Taurine reduces neutral fats in the body, thus lowering one's cholesterol level. Research has shown that EPA is more effective than almost any other statin in reducing lipid hydroperoxide formation in the body. Even so, it is important to be aware that simply eating octopus is not enough. The manner in which this seafood is prepared will have a large bearing on the nutritional value you gain from it. Taurine is water soluble and much of it is lost if the octopus is boiled. Ideally, it should be eaten raw, baked or grilled in order to retain the taurine your body needs to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Keeping cholesterol low will help you stay healthy both now and in the future. Octopus is great for anyone who wants to get (or stay) in shape and keep cholesterol levels low. However, it is not the only food that is good for this purpose. Other good foods to eat to keep cholesterol in line include sesame seeds, tofu, apples and sardines.

Octopus is low in fact and rich in the nutrients for restoring good health and wellness. This particular seafood, along with other cholesterol-lowering foods, can be prepared in a variety of ways, making it easy for you to enjoy healthy eating on a regular basis.


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