5 Ways to Avoid Food Marketing Scams

Natural Ingredients

In your effort to improve your well-being, you could become fooled by food marketers if you are not careful. For instance, companies might place phrases such as “all natural,” “simply pure,” or “made with real fruits and vegetables” on package labels. However, the guidelines they use when producing food are often questionable.

Tips for Preventing Health Food Scams:

  1. Eat foods in as natural of a form as possible. This means you should stock up on fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. It also entails consuming whole grains versus processed grains (i.e. oatmeal or bran instead of white bread and cereals).
  2. Choose foods with the least number of ingredients. Taking this action does not necessarily mean you will not be scammed. However, it reduces the possibility that harmful additives are present in the items you buy.
  3. Avoid foods with MSG, added sugars or sodium-based ingredients. Although they make otherwise healthy food taste better, they can cause increased heart rate and blood pressure. They also can cause diabetes and weight gain among other health problems.
  4. Be careful about eating foods with too much saturated fat. Manufacturers often add extra animal fats to foods to make them taste better. However, this defeats the purpose even if the food has vitamins, minerals, proteins, or other essentials.
  5. Beware that food preservation alters nutritional value. For instance, fried veggie chips are a dry food that does not have as much Vitamin A, C and other nutrients as the fresh counterparts. The same is true of canned carrots, corn, potatoes, beans, and other veggies or fruit.

Not all food health claims are outright lies. Rather, manufacturers often find out what the minimum FDA expectations are before labeling their products. Then, they make items for human consumption that often are still within the confines of the law. However, companies often still shortchange consumers as far as the nutritional value of their food product is concerned.


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