Is Your Dog Weight-Loss Friendly?

Man & Dog Running

While sitting on the couch snuggling with your furry friend, you realize something discouraging. Both you and your pooch need to drop some serious pounds. If you can relate to this scenario, you’re not alone. An estimated 70.7 percent of Americans are overweight while approximately 53.8 percent of U.S dogs are battling the bulge. If you’re ready for you and your canine companion to get fit, consider adhering to the following tips. 

Take the Stairs

Do you live in a multi-story home? Walk up and down the stairs with your beloved pet. Stair climbing is a great cardiovascular workout. This challenging exercise engages various muscle groups not utilized during a regular walk, jog, or run.

Follow Your Dog

Do you always walk your pooch down the same street? To prevent workout boredom for you and your pet, try following your dog instead of walking him or her. Wherever your furry friend goes, follow him or her. You might be surprised where your canine companion’s nose will lead the two of you.

Play with Your Pooch

Let your inner kid shine through by playing with your pooch regularly. Play fetch. Throw a Frisbee. Engage in tug-of-war. You might even want to set up a fun obstacle course for you and your pet to tackle in your backyard.

Attend a Group Class

Some gyms, running clubs, and yoga studios offer classes customized for both dogs and their owners. Attending these classes will help the two of you burn calories while socializing with others. 

If you’re a dog owner, you likely want to do everything in your power to keep your playful pooch happy and healthy. If getting you and your canine companion in shape is a priority, consider following the aforementioned simple tips. To learn more valuable information about creating healthy eating and fitness plans, schedule a free, first appointment at a Metabolic Research Center in your area.



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