Tagines Are a Great Holiday Gift Idea

Tagine Cooking Vessels

While shopping at the mall, you glance down at your holiday shopping list. Unfortunately, you still need to buy presents for several of your friends and family members. You’re desperate for unique, gift ideas. If you can relate to this scenario, consider giving the food lovers on your list a tagine.

Technically, tagine refers both to a conical-shaped cooking vessel and the tasty food that’s prepared inside of it. Tagine cooking implements are typically constructed from clay or ceramic. Their conical shape creates a hot, moist cooking environment. Tagine bases are both shallow and wide. Their tall lids fit tightly inside of them. During the cooking time, steam:

  • Rises into the cone
  • Consolidates
  • Runs down the sides back into your food

Many people prepare flavorful, Moroccan stews in a tagine. Typically, you’ll need to cook poultry for approximately two hours. Cuts of beef or lamb might need to cook for as long as four hours. In addition to stews, you may also enjoy cooking other delicious, nutritious dishes in a tagine including:

  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Couscous

After preparing your food in a tagine, you won’t need to remove it before serving it. Utilizing the tagine for a serving dish will keep your food warm longer. Because stirring isn’t necessary during the cooking process, be mindful of how you arrange your ingredients in a tagine. You’ll need to layer ingredients exactly how you want them to look when serving your dish to others. For a traditional experience, eat your tagines communally. Situate yourself and other diners around the tagine. Consider giving everyone pieces of Moroccan bread to gather up delicious veggies, meat, and sauce with by hand.

Eating healthier is easier and more enjoyable when you prepare a variety of interesting, scrumptious dishes at home. To help your loved ones get their new year off to a healthy start, consider purchasing them tagines. Of course, you can always buy one for yourself too.


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