Succulent Paddles Are Rich In Dietary Fiber

Grilled Nopales Salad

Nopales, or succulent cactus paddles, are common in Mexican cuisine and extremely high in dietary fiber. Nopales are actually stems of a cactus plants that have been modified and eaten as a vegetable. The leaves are oval shaped and look much like a paddle. Paddles are low in calories and can be served in a variety of ways. They are easily cut, diced or chopped. Paddles can also be sliced into strips and used in stir fry recipes.

Not only can the paddles be served in raw in salads or it can also be cooked in soups, entrees or fried as a vegetable. Cut into thin slices, they can be served as frites or dipped in salsa. When the nopal is pickled, it can be diced and fried with scrambled eggs or included as an ingredient in any number of dishes. It also makes a tasty side dish when friend with olive oil or mixed with other vegetables. Frying paddles in olive oil adds a distinct flavor that enhances almost any dish to which they are added.

When it comes to vitamin content, paddles are full of nutrients. It has ample amounts of both Vitamin A and beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is converted to Vitamin A in the body and is beneficial for both skin and eyes. Paddles also contain a modest amount of B-complex vitamins that offer nutritional support to the immune system and helps to improve brain function. When served fresh, paddles contain an adequate amount of Vitamin C. Although some of the nutrients are lost if the paddles are cooked, their fiber content will still remain high.


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