Look Beyond the Marketing to Find Real Ingredients

Real Food

It is a sad fact that many supposedly healthy foods have little or no nutritional value. Labels such as "low sodium", "no sugar added" and "healthy" do not necessarily mean that the food is actually good for you; in fact, many of these labels are misleading because the addition of some healthy ingredients does not detract from the fact that many more unhealthy ones are used to either add flavor or prevent the food from spoiling.

What You Should Be Reading

If you want to make sure you are eating genuinely healthy food, read the nutritional information and ingredient list on the back of the package. Watch out for foods that have a high saturated fat, sodium and sugar content and make sure there are plenty of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Look through the ingredients to see what your favorite snack, treat or pre-packaged meal is actually made out of. It is especially important to note that the first few ingredients listed are the primary ingredients; other components further down the list are not all that plentiful. For example, a pack of cookies may list honey as an ingredient, but if it is fifth or sixth on the list then chances are there is only a teaspoon or two of honey in the entire package.

Real Foods Don't Need FDA Labels

Better yet, stick with foods that don't need a nutrition label. Fruits, vegetables, whole grain bread, brown rice, oats and lean meats such as chicken, turkey and fish will provide you with all the nutrients you need and help you shed weight and get in shape. More importantly, there are many great ways to prepare healthy foods so you can enjoy eating nutritious meals and snacks without compromising your healthy diet plan. If you aren’t familiar with food preparation, look up a few simple recipes, adapt them to suit your tastes and discover the joy of eating real food on a regular basis.


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