Why Did My Diet Fail?

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Do you close your eyes before you step on the bathroom scale? Failed diets can scare anyone and often lead to frustration, anger and a loss of self esteem. In fact, if you've started more than one diet last year, there has to be some doubt in your mind as to why you weren't able to lose weight or why you couldn't keep the pounds off. That's why education, encouragement and support mechanisms are such vital components of a successful weight loss program.

No matter how much attention a fad diet receives in the media, rarely will restricted consumption or the complete elimination of real foods produce sustainable results. When the food you eat does not contain the necessary nutrients for proper metabolism, your body will often use its own supply of vitamins and minerals to assimilate food during digestion. That alone can potentially deplete your body's stash of very important nutrients.

You may have heard the saying that "You are what you eat!" This profound statement holds a lot of truth for all of us. However, it doesn't mean that eating fat will make you fat. Unfortunately, it isn't that simple. Your body is a complex food processor and your brain plays a major role in maintaining the hormonal balance needed to digest and assimilate the food you consume. When hormonal balance is lost, your body doesn't produce the digestive enzymes needed to properly support your metabolism.

Since enzymes are required to break down the food you consume, a lack of production can lead to poor digestion and poor absorption. Processed foods, pasteurized foods and refined foods are often rendered enzyme-free by the manufacturing process. Regardless of what the marketing message on the box conveys, any food that requires heavy processing has very likely been stripped of its most important and most needed nutrients .

In today's world, it is almost impossible to get everything your body needs from the foods you eat. Research has shown that eating raw or properly prepared fresh fruits and vegetables can help but may not be enough to support optimal absorption of essential nutrients. At the Metabolic Research Center, our weight loss specialists can develop a personalized program based on a healthy meal plan that includes the proper supplementation required to restore your body's hormonal balance. Contact us to learn more about losing weight and keeping it off forever.


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