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Since recently starting a new diet plan, doubts have entered your mind more times than you can count. Because you’ve failed miserably at weight loss before, negativity constantly pervades your thinking. Every time you eat something unhealthy such as a cookie, a slice of pizza, or a bag of potato chips, you feel doomed to a life of permanent obesity. If you can relate to this common scenario, it’s time to reimage your thinking. By merely changing your outlook, you’ll likely lose weight faster and increase your odds of keeping it off for life. 

For many people, negative thinking is crippling. For instance, the negative emotion of fear prevents some people from completing mundane tasks such as riding in an elevator, walking on a treadmill, or petting a dog. If you’re desperate to lose weight, the fear of failure might be keeping you from even beginning a diet.

While negative thinking is detrimental to weight loss success, positive reasoning is extremely valuable. Barbara Fredrickson, positive psychology researcher at the University of North Carolina, suggests experiencing positive emotions helps you perceive more possibilities in your life. Her findings also indicate that thinking positively provides you with unique opportunities to develop resources and skills you can utilize later in life. To introduce more positivity into your life, consider writing down something affirmative you’ve experienced at the end of every day. Also, remember to smile, laugh, and play. Make time in your busy schedule for activities that make you happy. 

If negative thoughts constantly cloud your mind, losing weight might be a struggle. While you may not possess the ability to change many areas of your life, you can control the way you feel. So, regardless of your current situation, make the conscious choice to think positively. Before you know it, you might start losing weight, and achieving other goals in your life as well.


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