How Dieting Differs from Real Weight Loss

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Are you one of those people who is always counting on Monday to turn around unhealthy food choices made over the weekend? Are you someone who tends to try a variety of diets each year with little success or quickly regain losses? Maybe you should turn your back on dieting and embrace a real weight loss program such as those available with Metabolic Research Center.

Not sure how dieting could ever be bad? Keep reading.

Dietician Lauren Fowler shares a number of reasons why you should stop dieting today. It may seem like funny advice coming from a professional with the word "diet" in her title, but Lauren has a point. Here are just some of the ways constant dieting differs from committing to a well-balanced weight loss plan.

Diets cause you to develop unhealthy relationships with food.

When you are told to not think about a pink elephant standing under a polka dot umbrella, what do you do? Think about the elephant, even if you weren't before. Diets work in a similar way, especially those that are highly restrictive. You are told that you cannot have bread or pasta or chocolate. So, you fantasize about these foods all day and night. If you manage to "beat" the cravings, you will end up binging at the first given opportunity because you have been denied the foods for so long.

Diets may not give your body the nutrition it needs.

If you have ever participated in a diet plan that required cutting calories, you probably are aware of how fatigued and cranky you can become when you dip too low. Plus, some of these diets pay no attention to the content of the calories only the numbers. On the other hand, some diets require cutting an entire food group like carbs. While, some carbs should only be eaten in moderation, other carbs like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains provide your body with many essential nutrients.


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