Hiking Is Great for Slimming Down

Couple Hiking

While any exercise can help you lose weight or stay slim, there are some that offer more benefits than others. For example, gym rats may be fit. But, wouldn't you rather be out of doors and in a situation that decreases stress as well? That's why hiking can be a great choice.

Hiking Burns Calories

Hiking is an aerobic exercise – one of the best ways to burn calories. But it also ensures your heart and lungs are in tiptop shape. Since it's a weight-bearing exercise, it helps to maintain bone density. Hiking is also considerably more vigorous than walking or even running, because of the varied terrain. You can get a bigger bang for your exercise buck in the same or less time than by walking on the flat ground. Unlike running, however, hiking is a low-impact aerobic exercise.

Hiking Reduces Stress

Hiking is by definition an out-of-doors activity. Your body gets a workout, while you can see beautiful sights like the coastline, a river trail with wildflowers or a mountain vista. Choosing different hiking routes can help decrease the risk of exercise boredom (just think of those gym rats on their treadmills!) and can help keep you from burning out on exercise.

Hiking is Great to Share

You have the choice to hike solo or with a companion. If you choose the solo route, make sure you follow all the safety precautions – let someone know where you're going, make sure you're physically prepared and carry water, snacks and basic first aid supplies. Hiking alone may be a great way to reduce stress and recharge. On the other hand, hiking can be a great activity to share with a partner or as a family.

Hiking can be a great addition to your weight loss program with the Metabolic Research Center. You'll burn calories, de-stress (and remember, stress increases the risk of overeating), sleep better and have fun. What’s not to like?



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