Five Tips for Post-Holiday Weight Loss

Tips for Holiday Weight Gain

We all like to think that we're above using the holidays as an excuse for weight gain.. then reality hits in the form of peppermint mochas, gravy-smothered turkey dressing, candied sweet potatoes and pecan pie topped off with a cup of eggnog. If you're carrying a few extra pounds into the New Year, don't fret. Metabolic Research Centers offers five tips for boosting your post-holiday weight loss goals. 

  1. Drink Water: Lots of it. Water will make you feel fuller, nixing chances you'll overeat. Plus, it carries multiple additional benefits for your skin, hair and body. Even if you're going to be consuming other beverages, drink a big glass of water before you head out the door or sit down for a meal.
  2. Ask for a Doggie Bag: When dining out, set aside at least a third of your meal immediately. American restaurant portions typically are far larger than necessary for one sitting. This will help train your appetite to be satisfied with less. Plus, you'll save money by saving the extra for the next day's lunch.
  3. Be Realistic: Setting too tough a weight loss goal will only set you up for disappointment and failure. So will completely denying yourself the occasional splurge. One rule of thumb is to allow yourself a reasonable splurge for two meals out of every 21. This won't do enough damage to subvert your weight loss goal and will help keep you from feeling deprived, reducing cravings and boosting your chances of success. Keep in mind that with a slower, sustained weight loss rate, you're more likely to keep the pounds off long-term.
  4. Count to Ten: Results of multiple studies suggest that the average craving lasts a mere 10 minutes. Before caving in, take 10 minutes to tackle a to-do list item, run a quick errand or take a brisk walk. Chances are, your craving will subside without you knowing it.
  5. Cut Yourself Some Slack: Low self esteem is a proven top cause of overeating. Don't let your confidence take a hit if you miss a particular short-term goal. Give yourself a break and get back on track quickly. Don't sulk. Instead, celebrate small successes with additional confidence boosters, such as a new outfit that flatters your current shape, an updated hairstyle, a makeup consultation or a relaxing and invigorating spa day.

These are just a few of our favorite tips. Share yours on the Metabolic Research Center Facebook Fan Page. If you need a little post-holiday weight loss support and guidance, call 800-501-8090 to find the MRC location nearest you. 


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