Unsalted Does Not Mean Sodium Free

Woman Using Salt Shaker

Many people do not realize the misconception they have concerning low-sodium foods. Regarding this, the FDA says, “Use of the salt shaker is not the main cause of too much sodium in your diet.”

Rather, about three-quarters of the food people eat that contains too much sodium is the pre-packaged foods. Furthermore, restaurant foods are often a culprit. Part of the reason why is because of the preservatives used in them. What is more, these high-sodium preservatives do not always taste salty, so people are fooled into thinking they are watching sodium intake. In fact, people might be shocked to learn that only about 11 percent of salt is added during cooking.

Pay attention to the Recommended Daily Value of sodium for someone your weight, height and age. Furthermore, heed special instructions offered to you by your doctor if you have diabetes, heart disease or other health issues. These tips along with making sure you only eat the recommended serving sizes of foods will help you keep your sodium intake under control.

Recommended Daily Allowance of Sodium

For most people ages four and older, fewer than 2,400 milligrams of sodium are recommended. Eating about 5 percent less than the RDA is considered low, and more than 20 percent of RDA per meal is considered as high. Making a few changes in your eating habits can probably add years to your life.

You also will want to eat foods in their freshest state possible. Then, season your own food with table salt and low-sodium spices. It also would help if you make your own salad dressings because it gives you control of the ingredients that are in it. In fact, any time you make your own versus use the store-bought foods and condiments, you cut out prepackaged foods that can cause a spike in blood pressure rates.


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