Satisfying Your Evening Cravings

Late Night Choices

Most of us eat dinner, or supper depending on where in the country you live, between 5:30pm and 7pm. Most of us also don't go to bed until 10pm or 11pm, making late night snacking an easily formed habit. Remember, at Metabolic, we believe you shouldn't go hungry to lose weight. The key is to satisfy your craving without undoing the progress you've made.

The sweet tooth usually rears its ugly head late at night. When facing strong cravings for sweets, avoid the urge to grab ice cream out of the freezer and pick up some fruit instead. Often a little low-fat yogurt with a few strawberries and bananas mixed in will satisfy your sweet tooth without sabotaging your diet.

If you've just got to have something salty, you may actually want to go for the first thing that "pops" in your head, popcorn! Popcorn is a relatively low-calorie snack food which can be great in small portions. As long as you take it easy on the butter, salty popcorn can definitely help satisfy your cravings before hitting the sack.

"The fourth meal." Although the phrase was coined by a popular fast food restaurant, people with late night hunger pangs know all too well the urge to eat big before bed. When your stomach is growling and you just want to go to sleep, do a quick sauté of veggies and throw in some leftover chicken. You can also take those same vegetables and whip up an omelet which will surely leave you feeling satisfied and guilt-free.

Eating late at night isn't as horrible as some people make it out to be. Keep in mind that you won't be eating again for at least 8 more hours so it isn't always a bad idea to satisfy your appetite before bed. As long as you avoid fatty or sugary foods and stick with natural healthy choices, you can enjoy a late meal guilt-free.


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