Do You Run Out of Time in the Mornings?

Man Making a Breakfast Smoothie

Fast food restaurants are usually slammed in the mornings. In fact, a line of vehicles often wrap around the establishment as people wait their turn to order fast food for breakfast. After all, it is that time of day that we seem to have the least amount of time available for meal preparation. Plus, you can wrongfully rationalize that you have all day to burn the calories, so a little processed food in the morning can't really hurt that much. But... it can.

Even if time is tight, you don't have to leave home without a healthy breakfast. To make the most of the time that you do have, keep your kitchen stocked with some healthy staples. Listed are some ways to start your day out with quick, nutritious foods that will keep you energized all morning and help to prevent unwanted hunger pangs.

Here are some tasty fast-food breakfast tips from the American Diabetes Association that will jump start your metabolism in morning:

Fruit - Fresh, frozen, canned (in water, not syrup) and dried fruit offer a fast start to the day as well as help to keep blood sugar levels stable. You can also use almond milk to make an energizing breakfast smoothie.

Whole Grains - A single-serving packet of oatmeal can be prepared in less than 2 minutes and is ideal for adding a fresh blueberries, cranberries or strawberries. Also, a toasted whole-grain English muffin or bowl of bran cereal can keep you energized.

Eggs & Dairy - Have a glass of 1% milk or an alternate milk product (almond milk) with a boiled or poached egg. If there's no time to cook, keep Greek non-fat, plain yogurt cups in the refrigerator at home or work.

Vegetables - If you decide to make a breakfast sandwich or egg omelet, don't forget to add fresh tomatoes or peppers and onions.

There may be those days when fast food is your only option. When that's the case, look for the healthiest options for your morning choices at the "Drive Thru".


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