Fresh Doesn't Need Buzz Words

No Buzz Words Needed


Food is big business, and the people who market food products understand that consumers today want to make healthier choices for their families. For this reason, companies have shifted their marketing focus to include buzzwords like: Healthy, natural, fresh, organic, low-fat, gluten-free and more to help sell their products to people who want to eat nutritious foods. The problem is that these buzzwords don't accurately reflect the quality of the foods these companies are selling.

Words like healthy, natural and even organic aren't really regulated, and foods labeled this way aren't necessarily healthy. For example, many people equate vegan with healthy, but all vegan means is that the food is free from animal products. It doesn't mean that the food isn't loaded with sugar, unhealthy fillers and artificial flavors, colors and processed ingredients.

Organic is the same. It could be that there are organically grown ingredients in the product, but that doesn't mean it's healthy. Natural has little if any meaning on any label. You have to do the additional reading to see what is really in the food in order to determine if something is really healthy.

Real Food… an Alternative Strategy

Whole foods are much easier to judge. Locally grown produce, meats and eggs are a good bet. You know where they come from, and what's in them. There is little guesswork here. If you do shop for more convenient items at grocery stores, read the labels and choose foods that are minimally processed and have a very short list of ingredients.

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