Can Adding Healthy Ingredients Help?

Man Eyeballs Spinach Burger

For the past couple of months, you’ve been trying to lose weight by making healthier food choices. Today, your friend at work begged you to eat lunch with her at a fast food restaurant. You reluctantly agreed. While you ordered a large fried chicken sandwich, you comforted yourself by topping it with spinach. Can you relate to this common scenario? Sadly, eating a fried chicken sandwich topped with spinach is no healthier than downing a glass of low-fat milk along with a dozen donuts.

One good food choice doesn’t magically cancel out a simultaneous bad one.. unless you hold the fried chicken and toss the bun.

Even if you consciously strive to eat healthy at a fast food restaurant, you may unknowingly fail miserably. For instance, the seemingly healthy grilled chicken salad on the menu may actually be a caloric catastrophe due to hidden calories in the dressing. Or, the baked potato you always get might have been salted profusely before it was baked. Even the whole wheat bun you sometimes select might be slathered with butter and grilled before it reaches your tray. Instead of falling into the fast food trap, choose to prepare your own healthy food at home instead.

On the days when you know you will be tempted to pull into a fast food parking lot, plan your meals ahead of time. For instance, pack a quick lunch of two hardboiled eggs, a tossed salad, and a healthy vinaigrette to take to work with you. Or, grill or roast three different types of meat during the weekend to add to quick dishes during busy nights of the following week. After starting to plan your meals and stocking your pantry with healthy ingredients, you may never want to visit a fast food restaurant again. And, you may finally be able to fit into those jeans you’ve been desperately wanting to wear.


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