Why Skipping Meals Isn't the Answer

Clock Showing It's Time to Eat


After realizing a big event is right around the corner, you decided that skipping a meal or two will allow you to fit into your favorite wardrobe. So, you try to skip breakfast and make it to lunch without eating. A noble idea but one that is flawed with misconceptions. On top of the hunger pangs, being in a bad mood and feeling low on energy, there are numerous reasons why skipping meals seldom works.


Your body is accustomed to working all day, every day. When you skip breakfast or lunch your digestive system is not able to do its job. That causes your body to conserve energy by slowing your metabolism down. Then once you do eat, the food you consume is not used efficiently. 


Your blood sugar levels fall whenever you skip a meal. If you decide to skip breakfast, then your blood sugar levels don't go up and you get your day off to a bad start. Your goal should be to keep your blood sugar levels stable at all times. That keeps the brain from producing the chemicals that trigger hunger pangs.


Without a proper supply of nutrients, your brain cannot function as intended. With your brain chemicals out of whack, it will be very hard for you to concentrate and you may become moody and irritable. It is important to feed your body to produce an effective release of chemicals in the brain.


Have you ever skipped a meal and then found yourself so hungry that you pulled through a fast food drive-thru on the way to work? The best chance to prevent binge eating and overeating is by eating regularly. Spreading consumption throughout the day helps to keep your metabolism working efficiently and your energy levels up.


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