Juicing, Smoothies, and Soups

Spinach Smoothie

Juicing devotees swear by its healing potential.  Juicing is certainly better than not getting any vegetables or fruits at all.  Food and health guidelines state that foods that are rich in fiber, both soluble and insoluble, should be a significant part of the daily diet.  The insoluble fiber that is not part of the juicing should be consumed elsewhere in the diet.  The fiber also gives the juice some body, making it stick around in the stomach for longer, and so giving a sense of fullness for longer.  But the juicing has the benefit of concentrating foods that would be bulky or take time to eat into a single glass that requires very little time or thought to consume, a salad in a glass, a whole pineapple in a cup. 

Smoothies are like juicing except all of the fiber, both soluble and insoluble remains intact.  Health experts warn that smoothies are as healthy as the ingredients they are made with, so choose fresh fruits and vegetables and watch how much sweetener or sweet fruit is used.  Smoothies should be vegetable heavy as opposed to fruit heavy, and it's desirable to slowly cut back on sweet or starchy fruits or vegetables as one gets used to a less-sweet food. 

Raw soups, something that is a big part of a “raw” style vegan diet, are essentially vegetable smoothies, made with uncooked vegetables that are blended with a high power blender until they have a creamy consistency.  They are essentially savory smoothies, and are often topped with herbs or salsas to give them a punch of texture. 

Hot vegetarian soups lose the “raw” quality unless they are not cooked but instead very minimally warmed, which is a common “raw” diet technique.  


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