Don't Be Blinded By the Refrigerator Light

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One of the most powerful destroyers of any diet is the late night snack. Staying up to watch a movie or sporting event, often leads to the kitchen and right to the refrigerator. This can spell disaster for a person who does not exercise like they should or who already has a problem managing their weight.

Choosing to have healthier foods on hand makes for an easy, light and nutritious option for midnight raids. Fruits, vegetables and dry whole-grain cereals (not sugar frosted) make for a fast snack that provides good nutrition without a lot of calories. This can also be beneficial for meal times when you choose to eat light.

If a person truly wants to lose weight and keep it off indefinitely, they need to fill up on real foods at meal time as well as take the replacement supplements they need to restore their body's balance. However, having healthy choices (pre-measured portions) on hand for when temptation strikes is a smart thing to do. If its common practice to raid the refrigerator, then make sure that the choices that are lit up by the bright refrigerator light are fresh, lean and wholesome.

A few good choices for weight loss enthusiasts are almonds, yogurt, frozen mango cubes, carrot sticks with humus, frozen banana on a stick, apple slices with peanut butter, or low-fat cheese and whole grain crackers. When healthier snack foods are kept close by, it becomes easier to avoid traditional comfort foods that are so often the culprit of late night raids on the kitchen. Learning to eat in moderation is also important. Make sure you have pre-sized portions of snack foods ready, so the temptation to take more than necessary is eliminated.

Whenever your refrigerator door is opened late at night, the things that stand out (and are the most convenient) should be snacks that contain needed nutrients to complement your daily menu plan.


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