Diet and Exercise Are Both Skills

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A healthy lifestyle is a skill.  Once you learn to cut yourself some slack, improvements can be made by simply doing.  Skills are a learning process, and it's practice and experience that can make a huge difference.  Getting started is never easy.  But the “start” portion is the launching pad.  It is as simple as finding a menu plan and exercise regime to follow.  There's a good chance the one for you won't be the one right out of the gate, but it's a start which is much better than a "failure to launch".

The first fitness regime should provide some basic guidelines, some trains of thought, and some warm-ups and stretching routines to get started.  From there, it's all about building a knowledge base and gaining valuable experience.  Each individual has a different life, a different biological clock, different habits, and so it is by applying a new regime to those that you can discover what will work for you. 

Expect to slip up.  Expect that parts of any non-personalized program is not going to work for you.  Learn to tweak it so it will work.  If you stray off your diet, figure out why.  If you didn't make it to the gym 3 days in a row, forgive yourself and get back up on the horse.  If the whole thing stinks, then pick something else, but keep narrowing the field each time you alter something, or overhaul it. 

Don't rely on willpower or motivation to get you through.  Both are finite and not likely to carry anyone through the journey to good health and wellness.  Enthusiasm can drive motivation for a while, but this naturally goes away with time.  Willpower simply gets used up.  It's a finite fuel.  And... it definitely wanes when stress or fatigue hits.  The key is to look for something deeper — a program for the long term. 

So when you cheat on your diet or skip the gym for a few days in a row, carefully self examine for the reasons, and learn from your mistakes.  A healthy lifestyle is a long term goal, and is reached with a lot of practice and education.  If you want to jump start your efforts, contact the Metabolic Research Center. We offer a free consultation and our weight loss specialists can personalize a menu plan and exercise regime that will ensure you attain your specific goals. As for education, encouragement and support, our staff is be there for you every step of the journey.


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