Add Facets of Flavor with Diverse Ingredients

Fresh Tomatillos and Bowl of Sauce

Sticking to a healthy diet means that you need to mix up your menu and have some fun with your ingredients. Adding diverse ingredients can help you pack in plenty of flavor and some great nutrients. If you’re bored with the produce in your supermarket, head to local ethnic markets to find some exotic produce options that will jazz up your meal plan. Latin and Mexican bodegas provide a great selection of herbs, veggies, and fruits you may not see elsewhere. These fun ingredients add texture, fiber, nutrients, and exotic flavor to your meals. Here’s a look at some great imports to try adding to your diet to make your meals something special. 

1 – Tomatillos

Tomatillos are related to the tomato and they are used in many of the same ways. Add them to chili sauces or salsas or whip up a delicious gazpacho with a few tomatillos. They are great with eggs, they are delicious in dressings, and they are a wonderful addition to your salads. 

2 – Papaya

If you’re looking for a sweet flavor, papaya is a wonderful fruit that tastes delicious and is packed with important nutrients. Dice up some papaya in your fruit salad to add a unique flavor to the mix or add a bit of cubed papaya to your favorite smoothie for something different. 

3 – Malanga

Malanga is a root vegetable found in South America, and it’s a great way to increase your fiber intake. It’s packed with potassium too, and you can roast, mash, or bake this root veggie for a great side dish.

4 – Yuca Root

Yuca root is another tasty, versatile food that you won’t find in most supermarkets. It’s not only good for you, when mashed it makes a delicious, healthy side dish. 

5 – Chilacayote

Chilacayote is a type of summer squash found in Central America and Mexico. It looks a bit like a watermelon, but its tender shoots, leaves, and flowers can all be used as tasty greens. Use chilacayote when it’s immature just like you would zucchini.




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