You May Not Be the Blame for Your Diabetes

Graphic Showing Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that results in constant high blood sugar levels. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes can worsen if you eat a poor diet and neglect regular exercise. However, it might not be your fault if your doctor has diagnosed you with diabetes mellitus and you have a hard time controlling your symptoms.

Type 1 Diabetes versus Type 2 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is usually characterized by the body’s inability to produce insulin. Type 2 diabetes is usually recognized by the body’s failure to move insulin from the bloodstream to the cells. Type 2 also could be identified by an inadequate production of insulin. In any case, you are more at risk of developing either type of diabetes if your parents or someone else in your family has it. Concerning this, evidence suggests that most of the time it is the type 2 that poses a higher hereditary risk.

If you already were told you have diabetes, it is your responsibility to do all you can to help you. This includes eating the diets that your doctor or a nutritionist recommends. It also entails making sure you stay as physically active as possible to burn energy that otherwise would turn to fat. However, you sometimes need more than just proper diet and exercise. After all, even thin people who never had a problem with obesity sometimes suffer diabetes.

Healthier Lifestyle Choices Works for Both Types

Whether you have a genetic case of diabetes or not, you are advised to make healthier lifestyle choices. No matter what, the sooner you start eating healthy and exercising regularly, it usually can improve your health. You also can prevent onslaught of severe diabetes symptoms years before they occur if you become more active now. However, it sometimes requires other lifestyle changes such as abstaining from cigarettes or alcohol. In addition, you might need medical treatment. Regardless of how minor or severe your diabetes symptoms are, your condition might require that you take medicine or receive other doctor-prescribed care. Your case is especially a cause for concern if you always feel like you are going to faint or are tired all the time.


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