An Apple Cider a Day Keeps the Pounds Away

Apple Cider to Lose Weight

If you're working to lose weight, you may have a secret weapon in your pantry right now and  not even know it. We're talking about that bottle or jar of apple cider vinegar. Adding a little to your daily diet can help you shed pounds and improve your  health. Here's how:

  • Apple cider vinegar packs a major vitamin and mineral boost: It's rich in vitamins E, A and P, plus magnesium, iron and calcium.
  • Apple cider vinegar keeps hunger at bay: Studies show that vinegar can help suppress appetite by providing a diluted dose of acetic acid. This works to slow stomach emptying and causes you to feel fuller longer. It also lowers the glycemic index of foods like white pasta and bread, making them more filing, possibly because it causes carbs to enter the bloodstream more slowly.
  • Apple cider vinegar slows digestion: It's packed with pectin, a water-soluble fiber thatdraws water from your digestive tract and forms a gel, helping to slow things down a bit. It's another function of keeping you feeling satisfied and suppressing your appetite.
  • Apple cider vinegar adds some pep to your step: Just a few tablespoons of a day of this standby elixir mixed with a glass of water can help boost energy levels and improve concentration.

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