Craving a Spud? There are Options!

Basket with Whole and Cut Purple Potatoes

Sometimes potatoes get a bad rap, but they can pack a great nutritional punch. However, traditional Russet potatoes are very starchy, and if you’re craving a spud, you may want to consider something a bit healthier. 

Next time you’re at your grocery store, look for those beautiful, purple potatoes. Most people overlook them, but they have both purple skin and purple flesh. While they taste just like white potatoes, they offer a healthier option that boasts far more antioxidants than white potatoes.

Purple Potatoes – The Benefits

You probably know that veggies that have deep colors are usually healthier, and the purple potato is no exception. Purple potatoes are rich in anthocyanin, which is found in most deep purple or blue produce. This antioxidant is also found in pomegranates and blueberries, and it’s known for fighting cancer and boosting the immune system. It’s also known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, as well as its ability to help prevent heart disease. All potatoes, including the purple potato, are high in potassium, and the potassium in these potatoes can help keep blood pressure at healthy levels as well.

Cooking with Purple Potatoes

Since purple potatoes are medium-starchy in texture, they are very versatile and work well in most recipes calling for potatoes. Add them to potato salads for a delightful pop of color. They keep their shape while baking, so they look great roasted or baked whole, but you can also mash them up and blend to make soups or mashed purple potatoes. Since many of the nutrients in the potatoes are found in their delicate, purple skin, make sure you keep the skin on these potatoes so you reap all the nutritional benefits they have to offer.

You don’t have to stop eating potatoes to stick with a healthy diet. Simply choose healthier options, such as purple potatoes, and you’ll enjoy the beautiful colors and the health benefits.


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