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Many people's eating habits are not just a result of their biological drive to sustain themselves.  The emotional component of their eating behaviors, until it is dealt with, sabotage their weight loss and health goals. This is so common that there are slang terms for it.  Ever hear of yo-yo dieting? These behaviors can be obsessive or addictive, and people who are dealing with them need more than just a weight loss regime to help.

Human chemistry drives people in this direction from the very beginning, winding comfort and a full tummy together while they are still in diapers.  Anything that involves a feeling of comfort or pleasure can trigger behaviors on a chemical level, and that is leaving any kind of adversity or duress out of the picture.  Stress, adversity, and emotional triggers intensify the effect.  Eating emotionally is very difficult to deal with alone.

Recent medical studies have brought much of the physiology of these tendencies to light, how they work on the brain and the gut.  The combination of physical and emotional is a potent one, and deeply inter-related and sub-conscious.  The problem with that is not necessarily for short term weight loss, but for long term weight loss and health, individuals with emotional components to their eating habits can torpedo their own progress or maintenance when stress or a bad day is a problem. 

This is so important that many surgical checklists for the various weight loss surgeries include psychological evaluations so that the surgery will have as much chance as possible to work.  Patients can easily torpedo even surgical intervention.  Counseling is available in many different varieties, including one-on-one sessions and community support groups to fit every budget and preference.


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