Should You Be Drinking Green Tea?

Woman Pouring Cup of Green Tea

Green tea has become popular with women who are trying to lose weight. It is popular with people who are trying to lose weight because of its unique flavor. It does not need an excessive amount of sweetener to taste good and offers few natural calories. Although tea in its many forms, has been around for centuries, green tea contains antioxidants in addition to caffeine and other components that can help with weight loss. The caffeine found in green tea acts as a diuretic and helps to flush excess water and contaminants.

How you sweeten your green tea makes a big difference in how healthy it is. To retain the maximum amount of benefits, avoid using cane or table sugar to sweeten your tea. Instead of regular sugar, you have numerous options including honey, Stevia, and even certain types of fruit juice. Fruit juices offer a sweetness, plus the flavor and the nutrients of the desired fruit. When you are trying to lose weight, you need to replenish the fluids you lose through exercise with water or other liquids that will not counteract your efforts.

Green tea extract will also work if you do not want to drink the actual tea. A small amount of green tea extract in an eight ounce glass water will provide you the same benefits as a full bottle of the tea. The extract can also be added to fruit juices if you don't feel like drinking water all of the time. The flushing effects of green tea will rid the body of toxins and the byproducts that are produced through exercise. When you are exercising, choosing the right fluids is important if you want to remain hydrated.


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