Damaging Effects of Eating Too Much Sugar

Sugar Cubes and Stream of Sugar Pouring from Above

Sugar has almost become a staple in the American diet. Most Americans consume approximately 32 teaspoons of sugar a day, many without realizing it. The truth is, it takes less than 10 teaspoons a day to cause harm to the body and create health issues. Controlling your sugar intake is one of the best ways to manage your health and maintain an ideal body weight.

Too Much Sugar Can Damage Organs 

Excessive amounts of sugar can damage vital organs like the brain and the liver. Processed sugars do not metabolize easily leaving them to turn to fat inside the liver. Sugar affects the same basic areas in the brain that drugs do. This means that it can be extremely easy for a person to become addicted to sugar, leading to cravings and the need to eat more food than necessary. Excessive amounts of sugar can also damage the pancreas and lead to an increased risk of diabetes. If the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin, the excess sugar in the body can damage nerves and muscle tissue.

Too Much Sugar Can Lead to Obesity

Too much processed sugar and not enough daily activity or exercise will eventually lead to obesity and many of the health problems that come along with it. It is already apparent that sugar is a major problem in most people's diets. Inactivity doesn't just add to the problems, it prolongs them. It is much easier to put the weight on than take it off.

Processed versus Natural Sugars

Natural sugars consumed in moderation are fine because the body can metabolize them easily, turning them into a much needed energy source. It's the processed sugars that we find in the majority of our foods that causes the most problems. Learning how to control sugar consumption is extremely important if you plan on being healthy and maintaining an ideal weight.



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