Tactics in the Grocery Store for Eating Outside the Box

Basket from Farmer's Market

Most people know to not shop for groceries while hungry, but many do not know how to shop, cook, and eat fresh food regularly. Eating outside-the-box takes planning, commitment, and conscious effort, although truthfully it does not take more time than the alternatives. As cooking fresh requires at least one person in the house to actually attempt cooking, grocery shopping is a big part of this process. Every successful new diet plan starts with a new recipe or two, and progresses from there. Taking those recipes to the grocery store is the place to start. 

It is not easy to avoid the grocery store altogether. However, if dry goods can be relegated to a once a month trip, that is the healthiest option. Shopping at a farmer's market in some places can fulfill meat, dairy, and produce requirements, and that by far is the healthiest and easiest way to do grocery shopping. There are far fewer processed foods, and very little processed foods at farmer's markets, and so it is easier to stay on track.  In addition, farmer's market produce tends to be cheaper than the average grocery store prices, and last longer in the refrigerator, making it a better value. This is due to the way that grocery stores purchase and handle their produce in order to make a profit on it.

If shopping in a grocery is necessary, shopping the perimeter of the store is the main strategy. All of the fresh food in the grocery store is located in the periphery.  Meats, produce, deli, bakery, dairy, and seafood are not aisle dwellers.  Browsing down the aisles, or compulsively going down each one in fear that something might be forgotten is dangerous.  In particular the cookie and cracker aisle should not be on the shopping route, as there are a lot of pitfalls for any diet on that aisle.  


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