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Fresh Local Produce

It's easy to say, let's eat healthy!  But the truth is, in this era of instant gratification and lifestyles that are based on convenience (remember when we didn't need water bottles at the house?), it takes work, and attention, to maintain a healthy diet.  Keeping fresh produce in the house is a chore all on its own, and that is before one even decides to cook something with them. 

Many areas don't have access to a wide variety of vegetables, and living on potatoes, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce is just not that exciting.  Most people don't pay attention to what is being grown in their area, have little experience with a true variety of fruit and vegetable options, and certainly don't go to more than one place to do their grocery shopping.  So what does one do about it? 

There are a few fundamental changes in daily living that needs to happen for people to go from instant or take-out meals to a vegetable rich diet that is centered on fresh foods.  One fundamental change has to be researching one's locale.  Locally grown food is important for lots of reasons.  Local political and economic benefits aside, produce that is grown locally will last longer in a fridge.  Meat is fresher, and it's easier to know its origins. That saves money, and more importantly, time.  It's easier to keep veggies in the fridge when they don't spoil.

The quicker the field-to-table process, is, the more vitamins are in the produce.  Old, sad, tired produce has lost a lot of its goodness.  And lastly, it tastes better.  Old fruit and vegetables become more fibrous, pithy, and tough.  That alone makes really fresh, locally grown produce very desirable.  Local produce is seasonal, which means you get it locally when it is harvested.  It also means that it only comes once, or for some crops, twice a year.  It's harder to get tired of something when one only eats it for a few weeks a year.  


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