Four Reasons to Add Apple Cider Vinegar to Your Daily Diet

Add Apple Cider to Diet

Four Reasons to Add Apple Cider Vinegar to Your Daily Diet

Chances are there's a potential health and weight loss boost in your pantry right now that you may not be aware of. Believe it or not, apple cider vinegar offers a myriad of healthy benefits. Here are four reasons to add it to your daily diet today:

  1. Apple cider vinegar is a rich source of vitamins E, A and P, plus magnesium, iron, calcium.
  2. Apple cider vinegar helps to keep hunger at bay by providing your body with a diluted dose of acetic acid, whichcauses you to feel fuller longer. It also lowers the glycemic index of foods like bread and white pasta, making them more filing as well. It's believed that this happens by way of casing carbs to enter the bloodstream more slowly.
  3. Apple cider vinegar also contains pectin, a soluble fiber thatdraws water from your digestive tract and forms a gel, helping to slow digestion. It's another function of keeping you feeling satisfied and suppressing your appetite.
  4. Just a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar a day can increase your energy improve your concentration.

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