Understanding a Weight Loss Plateau

Woman who is frustrated at her weight loss plateauYou've been eating right, hydrating, exercising and watching the inches disappear and the number the scale drop. No doubt you're on a natural high and feeling great about your fitness and weight loss success. But then, despite your continued efforts, the progress comes to a halt, and so does your confidence.


Rather than get discouraged, it's important that you understand the reasons for and even the benefits of a weight loss plateau. The truth is, it's normal for weight loss to slow or even stall after a certain amount of time and effort. During the first few weeks, of committing to and implementing a healthy weight loss plan, the drop in pounds can be rapid. This is in part because when a drop in calories occurs, your body gets its needed energy by releasing its stores of glycogen, a water-retaining carbohydrate that's found in your muscles and liver. When glycogen is burned for energy, it releases that water, which means that your initial weight loss is mostly due to your body shedding its water reserves.


The good news is that your body now is ready to do real battle against extra weight. The bad news - or more good news, depending upon your outlook - is that continued success will require a bit more work on your part. Weight loss plateaus happen because your metabolism (the mechanism by which your body burns calories for energy) slows after you've blazed through your fat reserves and begin to lose muscle instead. Now, you'll need to make sure the number of calories you burn is equal to the number of calories you eat. And that means reducing calories and/or ramping up your workout routine, because continuing with the same plan may help you maintain weight loss, but won't help you lose more weight.


Metabolic Research Center can help develop a customized plan that includes eating right, exercising 20 minutes a day and taking high quality vitamin supplements - all of which will help take you beyond that frustrating weight loss plateau and on to the realizing your better-health goals. Call 800-501-8090 or visit our website to find the location nearest you. 


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